House Design for 3 Bad Rooms | 1 Unit Front Design | 2D Floor Plan Design

House Design for 3 Bad Rooms | 1 Unit front Design | 2D Floor Plan Design

House Design:

This is a low cost single house design. Very beautiful and eco- friendly house at low cost. The house is simple. The house is for relaxing use for 5 members. Three bed room for a family room. Family room with dining kitchen Adjust, Two bathrooms, Just dining with family room and kitchen.

A building or structure

The term "house" generally refers to a building or structure that serves as a residence for people or families. Houses are generally constructed to provide shelter, or comfort and security for their occupants. Depending factors such orlocation, culture and personal preference. They can vary greatly in home design, size, design and architectural style. Homes often have bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms. Houses and other spaces are built for future use, sometimes with additional spaces such as garages, basements, or attics. In addition to providing shelter, houses are often designated as symbols of personal and family identity, as well as a significant financial asset for homeowners.

Designing a home

Designing a home involves many considerations, from architectural style to interior layout and functionality that are required to build a home. Here is a general overview of the steps involved in designing a house, house design: Define the requirements and budget for the type of home you will build: Understand what type of design requirements you have, eg Number of bedrooms, bathroom, living area and balcony common room, any specific features you want. Set a specific budget for your project. Choose an architectural style: Choose a style that suits your taste and blends in with the surrounding environment, attracting all people's attention. The style can range from modern and minimal to traditional

Decorate the house:

Decorate the house: Housing its very important in our life, The importance habitat of our daily lives. How to go home and make it last How to go home and make it last, So that the thief is not destroyed by rain and earthquake, Time to find our heads home.

Context (1) Present the detailed floor plan diagram with various in formation to understand the floor plan layout. Figure one Information about the floor, rooms and their size. In Figure one, the upper right room is identified as the kitchen with the dining table

House construction cost

Everyone is worried about the cost of household construction, Don't worry, we are here to help you build a house at a low cost, Build the house in such a way that it will be beautiful and attractive and cost less, I will show three rooms two the bathroom, Kitchen Room Dining Adsense, Knowing how to build a house and how much it costs, if the housework is done.

Stop the construction

Then there is no need to stop the construction work in the middle, Before starting the house work, one should know about the construction cost of the house and then approach the house. House plan and design, Depending on the cost of the house is more or less.

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Layout Plan

Typically, a three-room house may consist of a living room, three bedrooms and a kitchen/dining area. Space Optimization: Consider open floor plans to create a sense of spaciousness. Ensure proper space within the room.

48 ft House Plan



  • Dining room: 9m X 9m
  • Kitchen : 9m X 9m
  • Master Bedroom: 15 ft X 12 ft
  • Bedroom2: 11m X 9m
  • Bedroom3: 9m X 11m
  • Store: 6 ft X 4 ft
  • Porch:18 ft X4 ft
  • Bath Room: 9 ft inch 9 X 6 ft
  • Lobby/ Dining: 15 ft 5 inch X 13 ft

  • Quotes about home

    With the help of those who are doing quotes about home, status and sayings have been brought along with quotes today. We sit and create outside for everyone has a house and we live there. Many people build houses with many types of designs. They build houses by spending money according to their own ability. Based on this house, we listen to different types of talk, in today's discussion, we will help you by informing you about some of the best quotes status.


    Each room should be planned to serve its purpose efficiently. Avoid wasted space and prioritize usability.

    Living Room Design:

    Furniture Selection: There are comfortable seating arrangements like beds, sofas, armchairs and coffee tables. Lighting: Include ambient lighting for general lighting and task lighting for reading or activities and adjust fans for room cooling. Decor: Reflect your personal style through artwork, rugs, cushions, bed seats and other decorative elements.

    Kitchen And Dining Area

    Layout efficiency: Save the triangle layout (sink, stove, refrigerator) in a practical kitchen for smooth workflow. Storage our mounted cabinets, shelves or pantry space to essentials in place. Dining Space Make a dining table size suitable for the available space. Consider versatile builds like extendable tables for flexibility

    Interior Design Tips

    Color scheme: Choose light, neutral colors to make rooms look spacious and beautiful. Add visual interest and pops of color with accompanying accents. Natural Light: Maximize natural light by nearing or including large windows or skylights. Sheer curtains should be used to maintain privacy while allowing sunlight to filter through. Greenery: Decorate the outdoors with indoor plants to purify the air and add a touch of nature indoors.

    External Considerations:

    Architectural Style Create a design that reflects the surroundings and your taste. Landscaping: Enhance curb appeal with a well-maintained garden, pathways and outdoor lighting. Outdoor Living Space: If space allows, consider adding a patio or patio for outdoor entertaining and relaxation.

    Future Expansion

    The house should be designed with possible future expansion in mind, such as adding another room or changing the existing space. Adaptability: Consider incorporating features that can easily accommodate changing needs, such as interchangeable furniture or multipurpose rooms. By integrating design principles that make it so, you can create a functional, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing three-bedroom home that meets your lifestyle and preferences. Be sure to plan the design according to your specific requirements and budget constraints.

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